Long Arm Quilting Information

Long Arm Quilting Services

I consider it a privilege to be entrusted to quilt your quilts & to help me offer the highest quality outcome, please consider the following as you prepare your quilt.

All quilting is done free-hand in a pet-free/smoke-free/scent-free environment

I can accept quilt tops up to 90” wide; length does not matter unless the quilt needs to be turned for quilting borders on the side.

To download a PDF of this information, click here: Long Arm Quilting Services

Quilt Preparation

  • Your batting and backing must be at least 4″ larger than your quilt top on all sides.
  • If your backing fabric is not wide/long enough to provide the extra 4” add strips of fabric to the sides, please add strips. Note, if you need to add strips, your backing fabric should be at least 1 ½” wider so there is enough wiggle room when loading the quilt.
  • Pieced backings should be sewn with a ½” horizontal seam, pressed open for the best results.
  • Please press and square up your backing fabric.
  • Trim all loose threads from the top and backing of your quilt.
  • All seams on the quilt top and backing fabric should be pressed flat. Note that if you press a dark seam towards a light fabric the dark fabric may show through to the top.
  • Remove any pins, buttons, sequins, charms and other embellishments.
  • Use a safety pin with a note that says “top” to mark the top of the quilt. If the backing is directional, do the same for the backing.
  • For best results, the quilt top must be pressed and lay flat. To check if the quilt top is flat, measure your quilt top across the top, bottom, and at the center. These three measurements should be the same. If not there is a possibility that there will be puckers in your finished quilt.
  • If you do not have a border on your quilt, please“stay stitch” 1/8-1/4″ from the edge around the entire quilt. This ensures the seams will not come apart.
  • Quilt top, backing and batting must be brought in as separate layers with the backing and quilt top pressed and on a hanger (to prevent wrinkles).

I use the same color of thread on the top & in the bobbin, so please take that into consideration when choosing a backing if you are concerned about your thread showing

 Quilting Options (per square inch):

  • Simple meander or other simple design – $.013
  • Simple meander/design with fabric or quilt design considerations – $.018
  • Regular Edge to Edge/Pantograph – $.015
  • Dense Edge to Edge/Pantograph – .018
  • Custom Quilting – Starting at $.03-.038
  • Basting a quilt –  $45.00


  • Charges are based on a linear inch 96 inches wide
  • Winline 80/20 Cotton/poly – $.24
  • WInline 100% cotton – $.29

You are welcome to provide your own high quality batting. Batting and backing should be at least 4” larger than quilt top on all four sides.


  • Standard threads, included in pricing
  • Customer chooses color thread

Binding  and Optional services:

  • Binding preparation – 15.00
  • Squaring up the quilt and trimming – $18.00
  • Machine sewn on front – $.12 per linear inch
  • Hand sewn on back – $.27 per linear inch
  • Hanging sleeve (muslin or customer provided fabric) $15
  • Label – open for discussion
  • Rush jobs 30% mark-up

The finished quilt top will be returned to you untrimmed, unless you request otherwise.

I accept credit cards, cash or check made payable to “Sew Excited.” A deposit of half the estimated cost is required before quilting is started. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the quilt. Once the final payment is received, your completed quilt will be ready for pick-up.

Jackie Berdych  —  816-260-4218  —  Jackie@sewexcitedquilts.com

To download a PDF of this information, click here: Long Arm Quilting Services.

For quilt care instructions: Quilt Care Instructions.doc