Sewing with Children, Hand Sewing, A Mother’s Day Gift

Grace started this fox back in October and decided she wanted to finish it up on an overnight :

The next morning she wanted to start on the elephant for her mom. While I was making breakfast she decided she needed to make a list for herself.

I’m not sure if the “happy day” is because I’m making her favorite pancakes or because she is going to sew.

I told her to get her box and start getting everything set up to start and she wasted no time.  The third photo she is trying to problem solve a mistake. The “patches” were supposed to go on the smaller pocket. I told her she could do them over or decide that she could make it her own and leave in on the other pocket. 

She kept losing the needle every time she needed to re-thread it. She would set it down and it would fall on the floor or get caught on something or blend in with the counter top. I suggested she put it in the pin cushion so she would know where it was. She decided she needed to add it to her list. 🙂

This photo shows how much her stitching improved from her sewing in October to now.

Finished wallet for her mom for Mother’s Day. Mom loves elephants.

No present is complete without a card and she was very deliberate about it as well:

Here is the finished card. It was very necessary that I take a picture of each side.

Time well spent. Priceless.