Selvage Edge Rug

I don’t throw fabric out. Anything smaller than 1 inch, goes into pet beds. Small strips 1-1 1/2 inches were saved for this project, along with selvage edges that I’m not keeping for another project. I have this bag pinned to my design wall to make it easy to collect them.

When the bag was full, I would sew them end to end.

Then rolled it into a ball for easy crocheting.

I didn’t use a pattern, I just increased a couple of stitches around the corners to make an oblong shape. Once it was large enough, it became the rug into my sewing studio. It lasted one season and several washing and sadly I didn’t get a picture of it complete.

If I make another one, I think I will use a smaller crochet hook to get a tighter weave.

What do you do with  your leftover fabric pieces?

Not wasting anything on the journey. Jackie