Winter Wonderland Update

I am sure I am not alone when working on a project that you get to a point where you have to get everything out and up to see what progress you have made. In this case I am glad as I didn’t realize just how much embroidery I had completed.

Here are all the panels I have done or marked, I still have the 2 bottom panels to mark, and  for that I will need more fabric. It’s helpful to see it on the wall so I know what tone of white to look for and in this case, I’m thinking in the mid-range.

The pattern is Winter Wonderland by Crab-Apple Hill.

I like blue and white for Christmas/Winter and so does my daughter and since this will eventually go to her….

This is my second quilt by this company, the first one, Over the River I bought as a kit and then added my own fabrics and I still wished I had added more contrast.. This one will go to my daughter-in-law some day.

I haved used a Fine Sharpie Marker and Frixion Marker to draw my embroidery lines.

I started with the Sharpie and then thought the Frixion would be better in case I missed a line, it would iron out.

Advantage of the sharpie is it doesn’t iron or rub out and I get a clear clean line.

See the mistake in marking just outside the hoop to the left of the photo? I will have to get creative to cover that up.

The Frixion on the other hand will iron out. Disadvantage is the excessive handling that hand embroidery gets will rub your markings off or almost off.

In these cases I would get creative and sew what I thought I should be sewing.

Here are the fabrics, mostly fat quarters, that I’ve been collecting over the past few years.

Time to shop for more embroidery background fabric and to start cutting pieces.

On the journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    You do have quite a bit done! It’s going to be very special with those beautiful blue fabrics. Crabapple Hill is one of my favorite pattern designer, however I will not mark with a permanent pen, shaky hands.

    • Jackie

      Diane, Thanks for stopping by. I think (I say that now) this will be my last one and I suspect it will be 2 or more years before I finish this one.
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