Sewing with Children – Keep it Simple and It’s Not Always About the Sewing

No needle was touched in this post only fabric, cutting and fun.

Grace has a classmate that is in and out of the hospital and took notice that she and others were cold during treatments so she started a campaign to collect as many quilts, blankets of any size and material as possible to donate to the hospital for this particular unit. We were going to have Noah and Grace overnight so I thought it would be a perfect time to shop for fabric.

Since time was limited and any type and size of blanket/quilt was acceptable, I decided that fleece would be quick, easy and fun. They each picked out 2 different fabrics.

Here is Noah with his finished blankets.

Grace using a rotary cutter to trim up her edges.

And typical of them, they go from helping each other…

To tormenting each other…

They had fun. And while they didn’t sew, they bought and cut fabric and made something special for someone in need.

Great job, Noah and Grace, I loved working with you. Grandma