Alternate Creative Work Spaces

I have a wonderful sewing studio where I am able to teach and have a great place to spread out.

The studio however is in the basement and I don’t spend all my time down there so I have chosen spots for my creativity to spread into other areas of the house (and car).

I have tried sewing in the car (piecing and embroidery), but a moving vehicle and small needles don’t mix well for me. So I decided I’d move my crochet project to the car.

In the living room, I put my knitting (debating on what I want to make) needles. I have a hunch the yarn will be moved to the weaving loom though.

In the dining room I have my coloring basket (great for grandkids when they come to visit).

Then there is the sunroom where the bulk of my alternate creative space can be found.

My hammered dulcimer…

and loom…

and hand embroidery…

and creative reading…

and finally drawing…

The sunroom has become my favorite “upstairs” place…

I don’t get to everything every day, but that is not the intent. I wanted things ready for me to grab when I have a few minutes or more. Each thing is pretty self-contained and other than the loom and dulcimer take up little space.

So do you have alternate creative spaces?


  • val

    I LOVE this post. And I feel soooo much better as I too have alternate creative spaces (I like that you call them that!!) I’m inspired to write a similar post. Oh the sunroom is such a wonderful alternative space to your basement as I have a basement studio too….and sometimes it’s nice NOT to be downstairs. Hope your recovery is going well. Hey…I didn’t know you had a weaving loom!!

    • val

      PS: I wonder if this would be a fun Tuesday Archives topic in the future???

    • Jackie

      Thanks Val. The weaving loom is new. A Christmas present to myself, I’ve only had it a couple of months but I love it! Recovery is slow but progressing, the biggest struggle is having no energy and now that I’m back to work… I think it would be great for a Tuesday Archive post. I have to get back into the swing of keeping up with my blog reading and social media. Seemed to be the first thing to go when I was down.

      Sew Excited Quilts

  • suseblues

    Glad to see you weathered the storms okay! I’m sorry we didn’t get to come visit this week but we will be making more visits to your area and will try for another time.