Camden’s Cub’s Quilt

Camden’s Christmas goal was quite ambitious and I suspect it was more of his goal for me to do. He emphatically told me he was now 12 and his other quilts that I had made for him were not long enough and he needed one that would fit it and give him room to grow, 70 inches worth. Here he is planning what he would do. His comment to me was, “I didn’t know you would , need math to make a quilt.” 🙂 Yes, Camden you need math.

Here he is testing the height and width. Isn’t interesting that no matter our age, we need to stop and admire our progress when making a quilt even if we have more to do.

He spotted Cubs fabric in my studio and his decision days was made. He lives in Chicago so it’s natural he’s a Cubs fan. I did tell him that the fabric he was using was fabric I bought to make his dad a quilt.

Over the next few days Camden worked very hard every moment he could to get the quilt done in-between all the busyness and family events we had going on.

He’s sewn in years past with small projects but he stayed really focused and did really well with his seams. I did all the cutting for the sake of time. He did all the rest.

More math, measuring the binding…

Someone suggested he quilt it with baseballs and bats like the baseball quilt I made for him a couple of years ago. That really excited him until he gave it a try. While pantographs look fun they are not all easy to do.

He still wanted to give it a try and he did great but in the end a simple meander won out.

Great quilt Camden with plenty of room to grow.

The quilt was just over 70 inches and 50+ inches wide.

Well done, Camden, well done.

Smiling at the time we had together and your wonderful finish. Love you Camden. Grandma


    Tell him he did a great job …. then ask him, “Does he want to go into business?”

    • Jackie

      I’ll be sure to pass on the compliment and question. 🙂 I love it when kids tackle things without reservation and the worry that adults have.

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  • Gretchen Firestone

    You have trained him well, Jackie! I love the posts about the quilts your grandchildren make.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Gretchen. I wish the grandkids were around more to sew.

      Sew Excited Quilts