Sewing with Children – Caiden’s Cape and Sewing Shortcuts

Caiden is 8. Very logical, very methodical, very literal and very forthright with what he says. If you don’t understand that about him, you may take pause at what he says. While he worked and stayed on task with little interaction, when he did have something to say it had a purpose.

Example, I pinned his cape and told him where to start and then to stop at the 2 pins.

As he was sewing he told me I could have used one less pin. I smiled and asked him to explain. He said that I put in two pins where he was supposed to stop, but I could have used one pin and told him to stop at the black pin. 🙂 And yes he is correct. I explained to him that when I teach, others are pinning their own work  plus most of my pins are yellow so I don’t have to check to see if they have a colored pin, I just need to say, “start at one, end at two.” The conversation didn’t end there. He wanted to know why not all my pins were yellow if most of them were. Well, Caiden sometimes students have their own pins and they get mixed up with mine. In his logical manner, he stated they should make sure they take their pins and not mix them with mine.

Here he is with the cape. This was actually the second one he made. I cut the first one to go around the body of his bear and he wanted it long and narrow. So back to the cutting board I went. 

As you can tell he was very happy. He also wanted to make a net so when he played with his brothers he could capture them. Hummm. Good thing not enough time was on my side. 🙂

Love this boy. Previous projects that Caiden did:

Last Christmas – Bear Den
Panda Bear Sleeping Bag
Christmas 2013  – Ornaments

Caiden I love that you ask to sew when you are here, but I’d love you just the same even if we didn’t sew together.