The String Game – 2016

The closest thing to sewing or quilting in this post is the use of fiber – specifically yarn, used to play the game. But it’s a post that I can’t let slip by undocumented.

This game has become an annual event (2014 here  and 2015 here ) where I wind string all over the house, a ball for the 6  younger grandchildren (this year I added more string to the balls – what was I thinking) and then each child has to follow their trail of string throughout the house winding it back up. I get asked about it many times over the course of the year. “When can we play the string game?”  I remind them it’s a Christmas game.

This year they asked me to make it harder so I did. I wished I had multiple movie cameras all over the house so I could capture all the activity (mine and theirs) but you’ll see in the photos that they are moving.

Everyone is behind that door with Grandpa watching a movie while I will for the next 2 plus hours wind these 6 balls + throughout the main parts of the house.


A view from the door before they get started:


At the starting gate:


Here are a few shots of them in action:

Enjoying the prizes and snack at the end:


Crashed in the living room for the sleep-over that follows:


Ready for next year:


The goal:

Everyone has their own color (though I added more of a generic color on the end of each one) and they have to wind up their string until they get to the end of the string where there is a prize.


  • Be careful of the other strings while you wind, go over/under around as needed
  • No helping unless asked
  • This is not a competition so no comparing or bragging words
  • No opening your prize bag until everyone is finished

This grandma plans to stay as fit as possible to set-up this game each year until they are too old to want to play.

Staying young (though feeling my age) on the journey, Jackie

  • Whoknoweth

    That is fantastic! What a brilliant idea! I predict they will not ever get “too old”

    • Jackie


      In that case, I’ll get too old. 🙂

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