Row by Row Guild Challenge – October

I’m not sure if I cut out for this type of challenge. Last month, I did more than one row, I counted what I did as 2 rows, but it was really more than that. This month, I didn’t know when to stop.

The goal is to use the fabrics in the bag adding stash if needed.

It came with 4 completed rows. I made a couple of rows, thought it might be large enough so I added the green strips from my stash, and sewed them all together.

I added another row to balance it out and thought it was large enough (I had gone this far with it…..). Realized it was not wide enough, so I made 2 pieced borders.


I had 2 pieced rows left over, added some stash fabric, pieced it together for backing, quilted and bound it. So much for passing it on to someone else. Sigh.

Finished it is 44 x 50.


I noticed the bag that is being passed around had “40 inches” written on it. I hope they won’t mind it finished larger. I’m thinking it was a suggestion. ??

Working with scraps on the journey (and loving it) Jackie

  • val

    Its the perfect little lap quilt. It stashed in the car for use…but think it’s a fun way to stash bust.