Grace and Machine Quilting

I talked some about the PJ play day I had with Grace a few weeks ago here and here.

This is her second time but she is a year older so there is a noticeable jump in skill. Her first quilt that she did was for a veteran and you can see what she did here.

Close up of Grace's quilting

But before we can quilt we need to choose thread and she takes choosing thread very seriously.

Grace picking thread

This is what she choose, sadly I cut off her head…

Grace picking thread 3

Here she is with it quilted.

Grace with quilted top

Moving the long arm not only takes skill but muscle. For such a little girl she did a great job moving that machine across her quilt. (Click on the photo to see this is action).

Grace on Long Arm

It is so much fun watching you practice your skills and enjoy the process. Love you Grace, Grandma