Savannah’s Quilt Journey

Savannah has joined her grandmother several times for our donation sew-ins.

Savannah with Bonnie

The first time she visited she came ready with a drawing pad and pencils. She was spending the night with Grandma. What Grandma and Savannah didn’t know was I would use any opportunity to get a young one sewing. 🙂 When a quilt on my wall captured Savannah’s eye, I used it to interest her in sewing and the rest as you can say is history….

Her first quilt, an art quilt based on my quilt on the wall is here – Art Quilter in Training.  She was seven with cheeks you want to pinch.


The next time she visited she wanted to make a quilt for her dad. So that was her next project that spanned a few visits.

After that, I told her that everyone that comes is working on donation quilts so I’d love to have her help with those, so she started a veteran quilt. She is doing blocks like her grandmother.

I love that children can just jump in and start and she showed no fear with the iron. Grandma was making sure she used great care.

Bonnie and Savannah

Savannah after several visits was able to get several blocks completed and I trimmed them up for her to see.  She is quite happy. And so am I. She is doing a great job and even when she’s had to rip out mistakes she doesn’t get frustrated.

Savannah with Blocks

She has a way to go, but has a great start. Love that you join us Savannah.

Passing on the love…. Jackie


    What a sweetie she is!