Volleyball T-shirt Quilt

Kynzi put herself through college on a volleyball scholarship and has collected years of t-shirts from the various teams she represented. One of the challenges I faced was incorporated as many as I could into the quilt.

Knyzi's t-shirts

I stabilized the t-shirts and wrote down max and minimum sizes on each so I would have flexibility on layout. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to play with EQ7. Here are some of the many attempts at layout.

PicMonkey Collage

When it came time to start putting it together I made a lot of adjustments and trimming:

On my design wall

And some more changes to reach a final layout:

Kynzi t-shirt Quilt Top

I needed length in the quilt so I added the black strips at the top and bottom. I also added black strips on either side of the bottom center vertical “volleyball” shirt for width, and so it wouldn’t get lost in the sea of gray.

The hardest part was finding ways to chunk it together, balance the size and colors and still decide on a layout in this century and call it good.

Enjoying the creative process on the journey, Jackie

  • val

    What did you use to stabalize the shirts?? Your post is timely…as my sister is sending me four years worth of her girls volley ball shirts! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Jackie

      Pellon lightweight. I buy it by the bolt. Have fun with the quilt. The designing is 1/2 the fun.

      Sew Excited Quilts

  • Sandi Colwell

    This came out really nice. I love the layout and the background fabric!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Sandi. The layout was challenging. Not only for placement but then size so sewing didn’t become a logistical nightmare. Fun though!

      Sew Excited Quilts