Thursday’s Tips and Tricks-Extending the Life of your Cutting Mat

I love my rotating cutting mat and it gets used often. Mostly for trimming up blocks.

Rotary Cutting Mat

That means it I have worn it out, especially in the center where I do the majority of my cutting. You can see all the cut marks and narrow ditches (and not so narrow) from repeated cuts below.

Rotary Cutting Mat Closeup2

My inexpensive fix. A 51/2 x 71/2 mini mat that I can put on my rotating mat and still use for smaller pieces.

Rotary Mat Trick

Larger pieces still work on the mat. Not as many large blocks are needed when making a quilt so the volume of use is substantially less. This means I can still use my rotating mat for a few more years I suspect. When I do buy one, I’m thinking of investing in a Martelli mat. I like the larger size and the fact that you can replace just the cutting mat when needed. An investment for sure. In the meantime, I can continue to use my cost-saving trick.

What cost saving tricks are up your sleeve? Finding ways to save money for more fabric (of course) on the journey. Jackie


    I had never heard of the Martelli mat. What is it about the mat that justifies the high price tag? I like your idea of using the smaller one on top. Great tip!

    • Jackie

      I have a large Martelli mat and it is thicker and isn’t showing the wear my other mats are. I’m not sure the high price tag is justified or not, but I’m certainly interested.

      Sew Excited Quilts

  • Maria Bywater

    Smart. Thanks, Jackie.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Maria for stopping by. I grabbed my smaller mat out of desperation one day when I wanted to use my rotary mat and there we too many cut lines for me to get accurate cuts.

      Sew Excited Quilts