Piggy Bank Challenge Results

Time to check in:

I’ve participated in Val’s Piggy Bank Challenge in the past. In 2014 when I joined I put the Silhouette Cameo on my wish list. When it came time to count in 2015 I had little in my bank. I cashed in my bank so I would have spending money for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. I still wasn’t sure I wanted the Cameo, so I put the money to good use (always good if it means fabric).

You could say,  “I cheat” as I don’t just save change, but also ones and fives. With a ten thrown in from time to time (total saved $113.51).

Piggy bank challenge

I put the Cameo back on my list and this year, I did more research to make sure I really wanted one. I also bought it at Christmas time with sales, but I still wasn’t sure I wanted one, nor was I sure it was the cutter for me.

While I did spring for this early – reasons why are here. I used what was in my piggy bank, along with gift cards, birthday money and a great sale….. I finally have one along with tools, and other goodies.

It’s not sewing related but I basically wanted it to cut applique pieces,  send the file to my embroidery machine (when I learn how to do all that) and then have my machine stitch around the shape. My kind of applique.

Another tool? Toy? Creative Opportunity? Certainly a learning curve?

Your turn. Did you participate? If not, she is doing it again. Hummm, I’ll have to start thinking about what I want on my wish list.

Saving on the journey, Jackie

  • val

    I loved the shirts your made your grands announcing their Disney trip!! The cameo sounds fun and I like your creative use with the embroidery. I’d love to upgrade my sewing machine to an embroidery…but my $50 something bucks are a long way off from accomplishing that! LOL!!! Hmmmm…maybe if I had the bills like you did??? Now you have me thinking. Thanks for participating and sharing your savings and quilty treats Jackie. :)V

    • Jackie

      We are not big cash users so I stash it whenever I can.

      Sew Excited Quilts

  • Shauna

    Sounds like you got just what you wanted, which is always good. I want one of those someday, but I have too many fabric wants that come first.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Shauna for stopping by. Now my biggest problem is finding time to learn how to use it. 🙁

      Sew Excited Quilts