Best Day Ever – Mickey, Disney, Grandsons and a Non-Sewing Project

I’ve wanted one of these (or something like it) for a long time:

Silhouette Cameo

I saved for a long time. And researched for a long time. And debated for a long time. A great sale, a free bonus package and free shipping…. let’s just say I finally decided it was time.

And just in time. We visited my daughter and family last week and she asked if I could help her figure out how to put a design on t-shirts for the boys to announce a Disney trip they have coming up. I told her I had just the tool, but it was so new I hadn’t taken it out of the box so if I could figure it out, we’d get it down. And we did.

Waiting for the news:

Disney - Waiting for the news

Here they are opening up the box:

Disney - Opening the box

Showing off their new shirts:

Disney - Best Day Ever

Notice the notebook. That’s my daughter’s planning book for the trip. Every detail is getting considered, listed, planned, priced as much as possible. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…..

This is probably a once in a life time trip for the boys and I am very happy they have this opportunity. Sadly it will mean no camping trip with them this year. Getting to play a small part with making the shirts was very fulfilling for me. Kristen said she’ll be saving them along with the other t-shirts for their t-shirt quilt some day. I’ll be doubly happy then.

Best Day Ever.

Love you baby and Carlos and Camden, Colson, Caiden and Christian. It was fun to see you, even if it was a quick trip.

  • val

    Oh how fun!!!! Love your new “toy” and soooo happy your had a great visit. It’s so hard to miss them huh!