Key Wristlets

I work for a non-profit organization and a garden was planted to raise money for a project supporting farmers in Northwest Zambia. Everyone is encouraged to take part with their own garden product, baked goods or small projects.  Once a week goods are available for donation with the proceeds going to the farmers.

This clearance item at  a local Michael’s


Led to this inspiration:


Spiral fun:

Cording Unwound

Rings, glue, nylon thread, binder clips and 12 inches of fun:

Key Wristlet Supplies

I was sewing through 3 think layers so I used the glue and binder clips to secure them in place. Not only for sewing but for double security.

Key Wristlet Glue

I made 3 as a test to see if they were something others would like. I’m finishing up the rest for a total of 9. And shopping to see if I can find the same cording for more.

Simple project. Doing good. On the journey. Jackie