Studio Update – Quilt Wall Changes

A recent stay-cation meant getting a lot of things done around the house including my studio.

When the studio was first painted one wall was left blank (others have shelving and a design wall) specifically to hang quilts. I started out attaching them with push pins. Changing them out was not the easiest. And I didn’t like hanging them up that way.

Next I tried attaching several lines of heavy-duty fishing wire to the wall. In order the keep the lines from sagging I supported them with push pins and I attached the quilts to the wire with safety pins. I  couldn’t hang larger quilts.

Fishing Wire

A trip to Ikea ended with a great find – heavy-duty wiring with clips that seemed perfect so that was my next option. You can see the fishing wire and Ikea wire on the wall below:

Quilt Wall Options

It enabled me to hang larger quilts, but there was still a lot of sagging going on:

Studio Quilt wall before

Not sure why it took me so long to use curtain rods, maybe the investment, but I finally installed a set. Finding them on clearance for under $10 + 20% off. Bonus! Can’t get any better. Especially since they were originally $60 each.

Amazing the difference.

Quilt Wall After

Double bonus. I found a place to re-purpose the Ikea set-up – on my back deck:

Ikea Rods outside

I now have a great set-up for pictures on both sides of the deck:

Ikea Rods outside 2

Now I have the perfect way to hang my quilts on the inside and a perfect set-up for taking pictures outside.

Making improvements, one by one. On the journey. Jackie

  • Quiltin’ Jenny

    Great idea! What are you using to clip the quilts to the curtain rod?

    • Jackie

      The same clips that I bought with the Ikea system. You can see them hanging on the outside set-up. I know my local quilt shops uses something that is larger.

      Sew Excited Quilts