Missouri Star Quilt Co. Visit

Every year we take a trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton MO. Every year I plan to take pictures. Every year, I get side-tracked by fabric. This year, I was also dodging on and off rain.

The first time we went there was one store, a barber shop, and a Subway. Cute shop, nice people, dead town.

But they didn’t stop there. The block shown above now has now 3 restaurants, 2 more quilt shops, 2 other shops and the barber shop.

Cross the street to the north and on both sides of the street are more shops.

Here is a brochure you can pick up in any of the shops:

MO Star Inside Brochure MO Star Outside Brochure

You can’t help but be impressed.

Here is a photo of the Mercantile Shop that has Civil War reproduction and 30’s prints.

Mercantile MO Star

This block has shops up and down (elevator available) with different themes. You can walk between the shops without going outside. Also included in this block is Man’s Land for the men to watch TV, play pool, chess, etc. all stocked with vending machines. Smart move.

Block of Shops MO Star

Here is a photo I took in the Wool and Flannel Shop. They really did a good job of decorating each shop consistent with the themes. Wool and Yarn shop MO Star

Most of the precuts, solids and basics are in Penny’s Quilt Shop:

Penny's MO Star

I save for this trip and this year, I had 2 gift cards to use (bonus!) as well. And a list.


I didn’t start out collecting these books, but they are just too inviting.

2016-05-30 09.42.07

I’m fortunate enough to live 1 1/2 hours away. A good reason to stay in MO (I miss VT). If you are ever close to the area, it is worth a trip even if it means a side-tracked visit.

Maybe next year I’ll get better pictures with my camera.

If you want more information on their journey this is a must see: The Story of Us on Turning Point.

Taking a journey, on the journey. Jackie

  • Jaye

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip! I really want to go there sometime even though I feel geeky about wanting to go. Did you go with friends or by yourself? How are the food options? Allergy friendly? Or do they have a picnic area for those who bring their lunches?

    • Jackie

      If you ever have the chance to go, go for it! And let me know I can meet you up there.

      Each time I’ve gone with my husband. He gets a haircut, reads, we have lunch and he goes back to reading while I shop some more. They have a Subway, a Mexican place which is new, a hamburg place and a nice restaurant called the Blue Sage which is where to go as a treat. https://www.zomato.com/hamilton-mo/blue-sage-hamilton-hamilton/menu. I can eat there fine (though I’ve cheated by having dairy but could easily omit it). There is also a place where you can pack a picnic lunch.

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