Iron Addiction – An Update and a Rowenta

I’ve been posting about my different irons. I really don’t have an addiction as much as I have a need for a good one.

Here are the earlier posts:

  • My original line-up is here (I’ve since added more)
  • My all time favorite, a Reliable,  that died after many years of faithful service and is no longer available is here
  • My epic purchase fail for an iron is here 
  • An inexpensive dry iron that did a good job but didn’t last is here
  • Another disappointment is here

After my Shark started leaking when it wasn’t on or set to steam…

Leaking Shark

I knew it was time for a new one. Sigh

And now I have a Rowenta.

Rowenta Box

I’ve not used it enough to have an opinion yet, though I do wish is were just a tad bit heavier (I want my iron to do the work).

If it works well, I’ll continue to use it until it dies, otherwise I’m waiting on this one to come out (ETA Early September, 2016):

I bet your are tired of hearing about my iron woes, but I consider it an investment in what I do and one that works is important to me.

What about you? What do you use or have you used? What do you look for in an iron?

Pressing thoughts, on the journey, Jackie