Binding Tutorial – Determining Your Starting Point

This is part two of a 4-part series on binding. Part one is  Binding Tutorial – Preparing Your Binding.

A key factor to prevent too much bulk at the corners of your quilt with your binding is to make sure your binding joins do not end up at the corners of your quilt.

1.  Place a pin in your binding 6-8 inches from one edge to use as your starting point.

Binding Lead

2. Pin your binding about ½ – ¾ down one edge of your quilt.

Starting area

3. Test your binding joins around the edge of the quilt.

Pin your binding at the starting place only (see above), leaving a 10”-12” tail

Starting point

You don’t want your joins to be placed at your corners.

Correct placement – no join/seam in corner area:

Binding Testing placement

Incorrect placement – join (seam) in corner area:

Binding Seam too close to edge

4. Test the placement of your binding along the entire perimeter of the quilt.

If a join falls along a corner, adjust your starting point and test again.

Binding - walking the edge

Once you are sure no seam will coincide with a corner you have found your starting placement point.

Click here for a printed PDF of instructions: Binding Tutorial-Determining Your Starting Point.