Renew – A Word for the Year

Not my word…  Renew Snack Mat

… but a gift for someone special who is moving away. When she told me her word for the year, I immediately thought of the rising sun and how each morning we get a new chance with the day ahead. I knew I needed a hand dyed fabric (not mine but soon!!!).

The design was easy and I had originally planned a mini-wall hanging with more quilting on the outer edges. What was in my head didn’t play out the same on fabric. So… I removed the stitches and rounded the corners and made a snack-mat instead.

I did free-motion quilting on my domestic machine with Sulky® cotton 30 weight variegated thread.

Sulky Thread

I printed the large letters out on the computer which I then marked on the fabric with a washable fabric pen. The verse I did free hand. I just wish my penmanship was as neat and legible. Snack Mat close up Renew

Not what I imagined or hoped for, but I decided to let it be.

Three more words to plan and make.

Do you have a word for the year? Have you done any thread writing? Let me know.

Practicing my handwriting with thread. On the journey, Jackie