On My Design Wall

I’m linking up with Val over at Val’s Quilting Studio  for her Tuesday Archive Posts.

I’m sure your thinking this is not Tuesday nor is it an old post. 🙂 This week she is “bending” the rules and we can post current pictures from our design wall and we have until Friday.

So here is what is on my wall:

On my design wall

As you can see t-shirts are taking up most of my space. I have the sashing fabric, but I need to buy more and I didn’t want to start cutting until I knew I could get more of the same fabric.

Off to the right top taking up a little bit of space are mostly, “I’m still thinking” pieces.

On my design wall 2

The long pieced strip on the left is my postage stamp quilt that I started piecing, “just to see”. Not thrilled but I have tons of 3 1/2 inch blocks made, so in my mind there is no turning back. It is a leader ender quilt so I’ll continue as is. At least that is the plan for now. Top right is “made” fabric that I’m pondering. Underneath is a postcard I never finished and pinwheels that were sidetracked. The hexies were just for fun that I keep meaning to make into coasters… maybe. No motivation to do it. I either need to be inspired to do something else or take them down. Then there is the ornament that I made as a possibility for students to make. Maybe this year.

Finally hiding behind my cutting table is my bag of selvages for my crocheted rug.  While it is not displayed in the normal way on the wall, technically it is on my design wall.

Crochet Scraps

So what is on your design wall? On the journey. Jackie

  • val

    I so enjoyed your post and getting a peek at what you are working on….

    • Jackie

      Thanks, Now the fun is getting new things up. 🙂

      Sew Excited Quilts