Out of the Mouth of Babes, the Wisdom of Young Quilters

Insightful words:

From Savannah, age 7, “this room is like sewing heaven.”

Savannah's Chain Piecing

To read what she is working on click here.

Words of logic:

A conversation with Noah at 6 asking me if I taught my mother to sew once he found out I didn’t learn from her. When I told him she didn’t want to learn to sew his response was quite vocal with “Why wouldn’t she want to learn to sew?”

Grace and Noah at the design wall

Yes, Noah, why wouldn’t she want to learn to sew, “First quilt and pillowcases”.

Words of appreciation:

Camden at 8 after I repaired his bear, “Grandma, how can I ever thank-you enough for fixing Benny and making the space quilt?

DSCN3447 (768x1024)

Benny before, for after pictures, see here.

Words of envy:

Noah, after finding out why Grace, his sister, for her 5th birthday got to go shopping for fabric, “Why did she get to go shopping for her own fat quarters and I didn’t.”

Grace Playing with fabric 2

Grace with her new purchases.

What words of wisdom have you heard from the young people in your life? On the journey, Jackie

  • val

    It doesn’t get better than this!! Your grands make me smile!! What fun you guys have!

    • Jackie

      Thank you, they are the best times!

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