More of the Smaller Things in Life

I found this idea here. Be sure to check out the link, their projects and photos are so much better than mine.

Hoop Storage
I must admit, I didn’t follow any directions. I just jumped right in with hoops, rotary cutter and glue. Making it up as I went along. I wasn’t even sure where I would put them. I just thought they looked fun.

I choose purple and yellow fabric. Purple, as that is my color. Yellow, as that is the color I was told didn’t go with purple as a child and I’m somewhat rebellious. That story starts here and ends here with a quilt.

As you can see, I didn’t get too fussy or fancy with them. I wanted to see how easily they would go together.

Currently, one is on the wall at my desk area:

Hoop by desk

And this one is on the side of the shelving near my ironing station.

Hoop by iron

I think they belong together on a wall/space. I’ll have to rethink possibilities.

It was a quick and easy make. I think maybe in bright colors for a baby’s room. With planning you could do all sorts of things.

I however will stick to quilts. What about you? Do you do other crafts other than quilting from time to time?

Branching out, on the journey, Jackie