Sometimes It’s the Smaller Things in Life, Cubs Coffee Koozies

I’ve made many of these for gifts using the tutorial by Fat Quarter Shop:

Craft Snack Mats Rug Mugs

My daughter got a set. My son-in-law asked if I had any more I could send them. And if possible, it would be great if I could do something with the Cubs. Well it so happens…. a quilt is waiting to be made….

Chicago Cubs

So… Cubs it is. I thought about placement and was very careful… but it’s upside down. Or would be when placed on a cup.

Cubs Koozie Upside Down

Second try…

Cubs Koozie

So 2 of these will head to Chicago along with a chocolate one for my daughter.

Coffee Koozies To Chicago

For you Carlos. 🙂

For the love of family, on the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    How do you secure the elastic? Sew back and forth over and over or….???

    • Jackie


      Yes, I sew back and forth. Plus when you top stitch as the last step you end up securing it again.