Men’s Donation Quilts

I’ve been making men’s donation quilts for a local nursing home. When cleaning up my studio and reorganizing I came across these leftover Connecting Threads fabrics, most are from this quilt and this quilt and thought I should have enough for a couple of lap quilts for the men.

Connecting Threads leftovers

Many of the pieces were already sewn in strips at 5″ wide so I just cut more pieces 5″ wide by whatever width to add to my possibilities. The fabrics not wide enough for 5 ” were cut to 2 1/2″.  Then it was a matter of sewing them together.

Donation quilt strips

Since they were lap sized and ranged in size from 36″ x 40″ I loaded a wide backing on the long arm and placed them 2 side by side in 2 rows (4 quilts).

Multiple Quilts on Long arm

Here’s a close-up of the quilting. I call it my “square meander.”

Men's quilt on long arm

My 2 quilts doubled into 4  quilts:

Men's Donation quilts on swing

Making use of the leftovers, on the journey.  Jackie

  • frances dowell

    I like your square meander quilting a lot! And I love the colors of the quilts. As I’m thinking about starting a quilt donation project, that’s something that’s on my mind–making sure there are quilts that are a little bit more gender neutral or boy-friendly.


    • Jackie

      Thanks Frances, and thanks for stopping by to comment.