Fabric Shopping with Grace

We fabric shopped last year for the first time for her 5th birthday. Last year she picked out fabric for a doll quilt, which she has yet to finish.


Her doll quilt is far from finished, but she has made a veteran quilt  and a quilt for her parents for Christmas.

For this birthday we went shopping for fabric to make a pair of pajamas for her and her doll.  We started with the patterns. She had her opinions about what she liked or didn’t like about the different patterns and styles. It was quite interesting to get her perspective.

Grace looking at patterns

Just like in the quilt shop she had to check out all the fabric. Though this is what really caught her eye, I thought she was going to start singing and dancing.

Grace with Elisa fabric 2

This clearly wasn’t pajama material so back to the patterns we went for another pattern (we made several trips from fabric to pattern looking for the right ones.

Here she is testing white fabric as an underskirt. She also wanted to look at blues, but liked the white better.

Grace with Elisa fabric

I am amazed at what children pick up while working with you. When the lady was cutting the fabric for her, Grace asked her why she was using scissors. The woman was puzzled. Grace up to this point had only used a rotary cutter and mat. I explained to Grace that with clothing you use scissors because you aren’t working with straight lines so a rotary cutter and mat will not work as well.

Final purchases:

Grace Fabric and patterns

See a theme going on here? On the right is the fleece she wanted for pajama bottoms, as well as a scarf and mittens (a pattern she saw and liked). The top blue of for a top to the pajamas. She picked the colors and trust me, she looked at many options especially when we were looking for blue for the top. The left fabric will be a skirt.

Please don’t ask me how it happened, nor ask me how I feel about making garments. I do want Grace to know that there are other things she can make with fabric other than quilts. I do hope she prefers quilting over garment sewing.

Now the hard part, finding time that works to have her over to get started. I have a funny feeling the pajamas will be for next year.

Sewing outside my prefered craft, for the love of children, on the journey, Jackie

  • Bonnie Terrey

    I saw these fabrics last night at the Veteran Sew-In and was amazed at her color matching ability! For a six year old! By the time she’s in junior high, she’ll be making prom dresses..and what you can accomplish with a little one-on-one teaching time!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Bonnie, I’m thrilled that she is so interested.