Iron Addiction, A Review of A Continental Dry Iron

I have read that many quilters use a dry iron and a spray bottle when steam is required so I thought I would give this iron a try.  This is a Continental Dry Iron from Amazon. I was a little hesitant buying an iron online, sight unseen. I like to see how an iron fits in my hand, where the weight is balanced and that it’s heavy enough to do the job.

Continental Iron


  • Doesn’t have an automatic shut-off
    • Great for me as I am back and forth a lot to the iron
  • The edge along the base of the iron is well-defined
    • Great for coaxing your seams open without too much tugging or stretching of your fabric
  • Nice weight for its size
  • No steam
    • A plus if you like to control your steam with a water bottle
    • Fewer things that could go wrong


  • Doesn’t have an automatic shut-off
    • Not good if you have a tendency to forget to turn off your iron when you are done sewing
  • A little on the small side
    • I press, let my iron sit for a bit and then move to the next spot, this meant more moving
  • No steam
    • I got used to it, but I missed having a steam iron

Recently the cord would get hot at the base of the iron when it was on. You can see why below. I don’t consider it safe to use anymore. I’ve had it for 9 months. Not long for typical use, but I have to remind myself I use it almost daily for  extended periods of time.

Iron Fray

On the look-out for something new. On the journey, Jackie


    I have stopped buying them as they break down way to fast …. I never had any of them for longer than a year …. I left it on for about 6 hours when I actively was quilting and when it shut off and cooled it killed something in the iron. My neighbor who tinkers took it apart and took a look at it and said the metal parts inside the iron were way under grade, thin and cheap…. NOT like the old American made of time gone by. Those irons were built to last.

    Went back to getting BLACK AND DECKER CLASSIC but not use water in it. I have had better luck with them as they last for over 2 years ( so far)

    • Jackie

      I’ll have to look at the Black and Decker, but I still miss the steam.