Rhonda’s Year End Project – a T-shirt Quilt

This should say Rhonda’s year-long project, though she didn’t get started until mid-year. This is her second quilt, the first was also a t-shirt quilt.

Design/placement became the biggest and most fun challenge.

Design Wall Rhonda's t-shirt quilt

Her deadline was just before Christmas, for her son’s college graduation. He knew she was making it for him, but she really wanted to have it for him at the graduation.

Here she is on the long arm.

Rhonda on the long arm


Rhonda Binding

And done:

Rhonda with t-shirt quilt

A true labor of love. It was 70+ by 80+ when complete.

Here is a picture of the back.

Rhonda's t-shirt quilt back

And when she was done… she started in on Christmas presents, microwave bowls, that she took home and finished.

Rhonda with microwave bowls

It was great fun Rhonda to work hard and steady on this quilt with you and such a great finish!

Enjoying seeing others accomplish great things, on the journey. Jackie