The String Game, Grandchildren and I’m Too Old for This

There is nothing quilty or sewing related in this post. It’s all family but full of smiles. We played this last year – String Maze and Grandchildren.  After I set it up last year, I thought I was too old for it. It’s just not the same when you are in your 30’s vs. a month shy of 60. This year I made it more difficult which meant it took longer to set up (over 2 hours) and was much more difficult for me to maneuver over, under and around. Doable when there was furniture around for me to hold on to as I had to step over strings waist-high or get up off the floor after crawling under them. Not so easy when I was in the middle of the floor with nothing to support me.

Kitchen 2

The game is simple. Each person starts with the end of a ball of yarn to wind up to the finish where there is a prize.


  • Rule #1 this is not a race
  • Rule #2 help each other if needed and asked
  • Rule # 3 prizes can be opened after everyone is done

Camden, Grace and Colson

It really is difficult to see the complexity of the maze from the pictures. Trust me, it is not for the fainthearted.

Front Door

Grandpa had the hard part of keeping them all busy while I set up the game. See the face of Grace as I opened the door. No excitement there.

Grandpa keeping them busy

Just when my mind and body had had enough, I discovered this… I wanted to cry.

Just when I think I'm done

Another couple of rounds, under, over and through the maze.


Ready . . .

Starting Point

Set . . . 

Ready Set

Go . . . 


Here are a few pictures of the maze before they all got started.

Collage of Maze

Here are some pictures while they were playing.

Kids with the game

This works with a range of ages (Camden 11, Colson 9, Caiden 7, Noah 7, Grace 6, Christian 5).

Comments I heard:

  • “Grandma this is awesome!”
  • “This is the best day of my life.”
  • “It’s the best day of my life too!”
  • “Grandma this is so hard it’s crazy.”
  • “I’ve been waiting for this all year.”
  • “This totally rocks.”
  • Grandma, you’re killing me, this is so hard.”

Needless to say they had fun and Grandma went to bed with pain killers and an ice pack.

It’s been suggested that I make this my last year. Nope, I plan to do this for as long as I can. It’s my motivation to stay in shape, and build memories.

Sore, happy and blessed. On the journey, Jackie

And for next year …

Ready for next year

  • val

    GIRL! THIS is the stuff that keeps us young…KEEP doing it! THe memories you are creating are priceless…and oh my what a tradition they will carry on when they are 60!!! LOVED THIS…thanks for sharing!!!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Val. The idea and fun may keep my young, but all the crawling and bending had my body telling me I’m not so young. I just have more motivation to get in better shape for next year.