Product Reviews by Noah, Wonder Clips, and Clover and Dritz Pins

Noah, if you hadn’t noticed before in some of our discussions, is quite outspoken with definite opinions. Including the tools we use.

On Wonder Clips:

Wonder Clips

“Grandma, these work better than pins because you don’t get stuck.”

Noah binding

On pins:

My new Clover Pins:

Clover Pins

Noah: Are these new?
Me:Yes Noah, why?
Noah: Because I like them.
Me: Why do you like them?
Noah: They go in easier.

I honestly hadn’t tried them yet. So I did. He is right. I like them too.

My Dritz pins, what I’ve used:


Downside (or upside depending on your perspective) on the Clover pins is that they bend easier.

Bent pin

You can see that the Clover are much finer. There are times when you need the heft of the Dritz though.

Pin Comparison

So there you have it. A product review from an unbiased user 7 year-old sewist.

Do you have a preference in pins? Is so what and why? I’d like to share your thoughts with Noah to get his response. I’m sure it’ll be priceless.

Out of the mouth of babes, on the journey, Jackie