Throwback Thursday – Fall Family Tree

I made this for my daughter 5 years ago after her fourth child (all boys) was born. I asked if I could borrow it so I could take pictures and document it.

Fall Family Tree

Since I just returned from a trip visiting her I thought it was a good time to look back. The boys represented on the tree are now 11, 9,7, 5. Where does the time go?


The light background tree fabric and background fabric were chosen by Kristen. The background fabric makes a very interesting background. I embroidered falling leaves all over it.


The tree has words that describe “home.”

Tree Words

Of course having “bark” fabric for the tree truck made a perfect place to “carve” initials.

K & C Initials

And as it happens in the fall the leaves gather around the base of the tree. Batik fabrics were perfect to make dimensional leaves as the edges don’t fray and the back looks as good as the front and the coloration is perfect.


The quilt measures 39 x 42. It was one of those “in my head” quilts that actually finished much like I had hoped. That doesn’t always happen. I wonder which one of these boys this quilt will get passed on down to?

A little art quilting, on the journey. Jackie

  • kitty pearl

    Luv this!!! What template did you use for the leaves, Jackie? Clever use of batik;)

    • Jackie

      Thank you. 🙂 I either used a downloaded oak shape off the internet or one of the shapes from a leaf embroidery design.

  • Sandi

    This is awesome! I love fabrics and embroidered leaves. What a nice keepsake.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Sandi.