Ron and Judy’s Prayer Quilt

This quilt was made for a dear, loving gentle couple going through a difficult time. With it lots of prayers were sent up as well as tears shed. My prayer is that they will feel the prayers, hugs and love from those that signed the quilt as well.

Ron's Quilt on swing

I had started piecing 2 1/2 inch squares a bit ago as a leader/ender project. When I thought of this idea, piecing it became a priority. It is amazing how long it takes to piece this size when you have a deadline (self-imposed I admit). I used 2 1/2 inch wide strips to surround a 4 patch for signing and alternated those blocks with an 8 inch blank block for signing as well.

Ron's Quilt Close up

The quilt measures 54 x 65. A decent size to take comfort in.

Ron's Quilt

With hugs, love and prayers to a special couple, on the journey. Jackie

Ron and Judy with Prayer Quilt

  • Oh this is what quilts are for! So happy for you that you could give them the comfort they needed with a lovely quilt.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Jennifer. I only wished I had thought of it earlier.

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