Iron Review, One Not to Buy – Eurostream

I generally want to talk about the good or say nothing at all. However in this case, I want the buyer to beware. And if you have one of these and have had good success, please tell me.

If you have attended any quilt or home shows you most likely saw the Eurosteam iron demonstration. Very impressive.

Eurosteam Iron

The iron not so much. Shortly after using it at home it started spitting and leaking. Like crazy. Not just a little bit, but insanely. I reviewed all the manuals and troubleshooting. Did every thing tech support told me to do. I wanted to return the iron and get my money back. They refused. I asked if I could get it exchanged for a new one. Nope. Finally they agreed if I paid to ship it back (on my dime), they would repair it. This was a new iron. It shouldn’t need repair. Admittedly several months had gone by because it took me that long to get someone to even consider talking to me. No one wanted to be responsible, said they couldn’t help and would hang up.

So I sent it off. They returned it, and shortly after using it, it started spitting and leaking again. From time to time I would give it a try. No luck.

Early on I debated about going to one of the shows,  taking my iron and standing outside the booth, holding up the iron and stating my experience. That’s my mean side. It wouldn’t be fair to the salesperson or maybe they should be aware. What do you think?

So I have a really expensive iron that doesn’t work from a company that doesn’t stand behind their product. If they had refunded my money or even given me a different one to try, I wouldn’t have written this post. But not taking care of your customers is not a good way to practice business.

As I said earlier, if you have had good results or can offer any help I am all ears. For the rest of  you, think twice.

Not fond of passing along negative reviews, but thought you should know, on the journey, Jackie

  • Gretchen Firestone

    Ouch! A company that doesn’t stand behind its expensive products! Grrrrr! Maybe you should just order a t-shirt that states that fact and wear it to all quilt and trade shows. You wouldn’t need to waste more of your time standing at their booth, but other people might ask about your shirt.

  • Kathy Mathews

    I bought one and it did the same thing only after a bit more time. One day it just sortof exploded at the steam end and if it was plugged in, it shot out steam. I threw it out after about a year. I have the same reaction when I go by their booth. It was an expensive disappointment.

    • Jackie

      It is even more frustrating that they don’t stand behind their product.

  • Jaye

    I would report them to the better business bureau and out them on social media.