WIP’s, UFO’s and Organization

Val is hosting a linky on UFO storage and I thought I’d do an update on how I store my projects and scrap.

Bins. I love bins and storage units.

Most of them are labeled. Here is a photo of my most recent updated studio reorganization found here. Mostly scrap storage is on this side.

After 1

Here is the other side where the projects next on my list are stored:

After 2

My current projects are in bins all over the studio:

2015-03-28 17.44.44

Then there are those that are waiting patiently on a shelf and hopefully not forgotten.

12 (39)

To keep me on track, I post a monthly check-in with the status based on the stage of each project (planning, cutting, quilting…..).

I love being organized but it is always in process for me.

How do you store your projects? Check out Val’s links to see what others are doing.

On the journey, Jackie

  • Vivian

    Nothing like bins and a labeler to get those projects under control!

    • Jackie

      I tend to get a little crazy, but that is okay, it works for me. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • val

    SOmetimes I think organizing everything is just as fun as sewing with it. LOL!! THanks for sharing your ideas!

    • Jackie

      I would agree about organizing being fun. There is something very satisfying about having everything neat and tidy.