Getting Quilt Ready for Camping

One of two things happen when I prepare for quilting while camping. I either don’t bring enough simple, no think projects, or I bring enough for weeks worth of work and end up with a day or two that is actually spent sewing.

I did some rearranging in the trailer to make a more usable space to store my sewing supplies and fabrics. Now I can easily put everything away when needed.

Camper Storage

I found bins that will fit perfectly in the overhead storage:

Camper Projects

Projects include:

  • Hashtag block exchange
  • Mini charm squares
  • A leader ender project of just squares for a donation quilt
  • Left over fabrics for 2 more lap quilts

And just in case….. more….

Bits to trim for a mini quilt


The mini quilts and binding to get them finished and crossed off my list!

Mini Quilt Binding

And a shopping list…..

Taking a break from the daily demands, on the journey, Jackie

  • Phyllis Brandon

    Hi there! I just found your blog and so glad that I did. I love to play with fabric too and just bought a nice camper. My intention is to go away now and then with my dogs and sewing machine! I will look through your blog for useful tips about that. 🙂

    • Jackie

      Hi Phyllis, thanks for stopping by. I love camping and having my sewing machine with me makes it that much better. I now have some basics I just keep in the trailer, but I still tend to over pack.