September in Review

New this month

  • Did some cutting for future donation quilts
  • 2 blocks for a secret projects

 September Donation cuts

Plan ( this isn’t everything sad huh? or maybe not 🙂 ) Only some projects are pictured.

  • “Four Dancers” quilt for Grace
  • Stonehenge charms
  • Flying in the Storm – may become a mini or not at all – Move to future
  • Selvage edge sewing machine apron
  • Tom’s Quilt
  • Binding tool kit quilt
  • Toddler shape quilt
  • Diamond Quilt
  • Baby Flannel Quilt
  • Bryce Creighton Quilt
  • Long arm quilt samples

 To Plan July


  • What I did purchase
  • Holding off for October vacation trip to an Amish quilt shop and Missouri Star Next Week!!!

Fabric Buys


  • HST Mini leftovers (flying geese leftovers)
  • Batik Jacket (another “what was I thinking?” purchases)
  • Hashtag Exchange
  • Winter Wonderland

 To be cut

Design Wall – New category

  • Kynzi’s quilt
  • Star Puzzle Quilt

On the Design Wall


  • Mini postage stamp quilt
  • Rag rug with selvages (crocheted) – I have a quite a bit more to go


To Rip out or Unsew

  • Nothing !!!

Prepare Backing/Batting

  • HST larger leftovers (flying geese leftovers)
  • Man’s nursing home quilt
  • Fabric that looks pieced I found in fabric given to me
  • 2nd Pineapple quilt
  • 2nd Man’s Nursing home quilt
  • Coin Strip 30’s Quilt

Quilts that need backing


  • Tie a Grandmother’s Garden quilt for a customer
  • Scrap in a Box – Girl
  • Flying Geese
  • Stonehenge SueNami
  • Stack and Whack Quilt
  • Hexagon Doll Quilt – hand quilt

To be quilted


  • Super Bowl Mystery Quilt
  • Mini Quilts



  • Winter Wonderland

2015-09-08 17.02.09


  • Hanging sleeves for a customer no picture
  • Label for a gift quilt

Paul and Jessica Label

So that is where my September stands. What about you?

Taking project inventory, on the journey, Jackie