Week in Review, Back in My Happy Place

At work, my sewing studio is known as my “happy place” and I spent little time in it last week. Some sort of virus put me out of commission for days, but I’m hoping this week to find my way back.


If watching Craftsy classes count then I did get a little bit done. If not well here goes:

I replaced the elastic in this skirt so I could wear it to a wedding next week.


I basted this on my long arm so I could tie the quilt. It is for a customer. She found this cleaning up her mother’s things. She thinks it was something her grandmother started. It is so nice to see someone treasure something like this.

grandmother's garden

While I liked the quilting pattern, I think the red was too stark on this…

2015-08-09 002

so I removed the last of the stitching:

Scrap in a box girl stitches removed

So that was my week. Not so much to show for it, but I have a skirt I can now wear without fear of it falling down, a quilt ready to start tying (though I may bind it first) and a quilt ready to load on my long arm.

Getting back to my happy place, on the journey, Jackie