Sewing With Children, Take Advantage of Simple Moments

Not every “sewing” lesson is taught at the sewing machine.

Last weekend while camping, Grace came up to me with her children’s tablet and said, “Look Grandma, wouldn’t this be a fun fabric?” Of course it’s pink. 🙂

She is seeing design potential in the world around her. How many of you as a quilter have taken photos of stone or tile work, window grates, patterns on building? So can a picture on a child’s toy.

So while I didn’t have my machine available, we talked sewing possibilities. What would she make if she had fabric like that? A dress, quilt, skirt, hair bows, something else? Next time I’m going to suggest she draw some designs she’d like to see as fabric. Who knows, she may be a future fabric designer.

Looking for opportunities on the journey, Jackie

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