August Check In

Please don’t tell me summer is already over. While fall is my favorite season, this summer went way too fast.

First the highlight, a semi-makeover with one of my cutting tables. The before and after story can be found here. And because it caused my shiny bunny syndrome (ADHD) to kick in, the project became bigger than what was so it took more time that anticipated.

DIY Table August

This is what my August sewing month looked like:

New this month
• Hanging sleeves for a customer
• Finishing a Grandmother’s Garden quilt for a customer
• Batik Jacket (Another “what was I thinking?” purchases
• “Four Dancers” quilt for GraceAugust New Plans

Plan ( I think I need to pare this down) – much of this is in my head
• Stonehenge charms
• Flying in the Storm – may become a mini or not at all
• Selvage edge sewing machine apron
• Tom’s Quilt
• Binding tool kit quilt
• Toddler shape quilt
• Car trash bag- tell me buying one would be easier – I know I’ll never make one
• Diamond Quilt
• Baby Flannel Quilt
• Bryce Creighton Quilt
• Long arm quilt samples

• Wide open possibilities!!!
• Holding off for October vacation trip to an Amish quilt shop and Missouri Star 🙂

• Winter Wonderland
• Kynzi’s Quilt
• HST Mini leftovers (flying geese leftovers)

August Cut Trim

• Mini postage stamp quilt
• Star Puzzle Quilt
• 2nd Man’s Nursing home quilt
• Rag rug with selvages (crocheted)
• 2nd Pineapple quilt

August to be pieced

To Rip out or Unsew (A necessary evil sometimes)
• Scrap in a Box – Girl
• Hugs and Kisses- Now a coin strip quilt instead and maybe I’ll leave as is and donate it. Ripped out August Collage

Prepare Backing/Batting
• Man’s nursing home quilt (waiting for the 2nd one to be completed. I’ll quilt both at the same time)
• HST larger leftovers (flying geese leftovers)

August Prepare Backing Binding

• Flying Geese
• Stonehenge SueNami
• Super Bowl Mystery Quilt
• Mini Quilts
• Stack and Whack Quilt
• Hexagon Doll Quilt

August to be Quilted Collage

Bind – all caught up

• Winter Wonderland

• Out of the Box Baby quilt (being pattern tested)
• Man’s nursing home quilt
• Scrap in the Box – boy
• Rita’s quilt
• Pineapple quilt

Completed August

Not too shabby though at times, I felt as though I was getting nothing done.

How about your August?

Still on the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    Love your categories. I might have to redo mine!

    Stop with the car trashbag nonsense! Do you REALLY want grandchild Gogurt wrappers in a pieced and quilted trashbag? Just use a plastic bag and move on.


    • Jackie

      Lol. The kind of trash bag container I would make would hold a small liner. I doubt I’ll make one. Too lazy. 🙂