Scrap in a Box – Boy Version

I participated in Charlotte’s Scrap Mystery – Scrap in a Box quilt challenge. Not sure if it was insanity or just being over run by scraps (we’ll go with that), I decided to make 2. Sadly I don’t think my “brights/children” bin is any less full. What do you think?

Brights Bin

Many cut pieces, lots of sewing and some fun quilting, my “boy” version is complete:

Scrap in a box boy

Here are some other shots:

Scrap in a box boy 4

Scrap in a box boy 2

A close-up:

Scrap in a box boy close-up

I used the same backing fabric for the binding:

Scrap in a box boy close-up 1

The back:

Scrap in a box boy back

  • Stats:
  • Finished 54 x 70
  • Quilting design – Fillgree  by Urban Elementz
  • Batting – Winline 80/20
  • Thread – pieced with Aurfil, quilted with Superior So Fine!

Now to finish my Scrap in a Box – girl version.

Yeah for finishes! On the journey, Jackie

  • Valerie Root

    Yay for finishes! I like it. And I can not explain why there never seem to be fewer scraps in the bin. One of life’s mysteries.

    • Jackie

      Not only does the fabric not diminish, it seems to multiply.