Week In Review, Pineapple Quilt, Preparing for Piecing

It was a week. A long week. A heavy work week. As much as I love sewing long work days can take all my energy. This was one of those weeks. Sigh

I did finish up quilting this, after a bad start. Sometimes removing stitches can be therapeutic. Pineapple quilt

(key word here – “sometimes”)

This also needs some unsewinging, but so far it’s just annoying me.2015-08-09 002

I finished piecing this:Man's Donation Quilt

Since I still have a lot of the same fabric left from the pineapple quilt and this one, I did some cutting so I have something to sew when I only have a few minutes and don’t want to think about what to do next.

Quick piecing

This is getting ready to be quilted. Mystery Quilt

I have plenty of projects in various stages, but there are times when I’m really busy when I need a no think, no brainer type project to work on. How about you?

Trying to get my bearings, on the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    I really like the prints positioned in one of the first rounds of the Pineapple.

    How about some handwork you can do in front of the TV after really heavy work days?

    • Jackie

      I actually have several tv projects. I just rarely sit to watch.