New Cutting Table, A DIY Fix and Reorganizing

Do you ever start out with what you think is a fairly simple project and end up with a several day affair that takes you in many different places? Shiny bunny syndrome. Or in my case ADHD. And add to that, I’m an organizing crazy nut that tends to get buried in the detail of cleaning/organizing instead of focusing on the work at hand. To be fair to myself, when I am overwhelmed, organizing helps “reset” my world so I can focus and get things done. I must admit in this case, I went a bit overboard, but I am oh so happy.

I’ve had this table forever (okay, maybe 15 years). The side panels fold down which was great for small spaces The supports that rotate out to hold up the ends needed repairs over the years. When one side collapsed on me a couple of weeks ago, I was done.

Studio Remodel

I’ve wanted a set-up more like this for a long time and I’ve researched cost, options etc. with little luck for my budget.

The top on my table is perfectly fine, so I thought that maybe plain bookshelves would work. I found some at Home Depot that were the perfect height and size, had adjustable shelves and budget friendly! (did I mention really budget friendly). I ordered 5, plus another odd size shelf for a small space. Bookshelves

Getting them built didn’t take a long time. Getting them organized did.

As you can see, I made do (and I might add very well) with a lot of re-purposed items to gain storage space under my table.

I like things orderly and while everything was labeled……. it was still lacking.

Side one — before:

Before 1

Bin on the far left is for 2 inch strips. Next to that are drawer units holding specific size cuts. On the right is a re-purposed shoe rack. Size works great for my project and scrap bins.

Side one — after:

After 1

On the left, drawer units moved a bit to make more space for bins and other containers. I moved the 2 inch strip bin to the center space and the shoe rack has been replaced with bins and containers. The center trash bin in the “before” picture was moved and a smaller one was placed on the bottom shelf. Love all the extra space.

Side two — before:

Before 2

Odd storage piece on the left that works, a trash bin and dehumidifier. This side is used, just not efficiently.

Side two — after:

After 2

On the left some of my larger project bins, trash bin in the center and shelving for my quilts!!!!

I am thrilled. My only wish – that there were 3 shelves.

I want my storage bins to be all the same but I need to live with this set-up first to decide what will work best. And to do research on options that will fit the best.

In the meantime, I am so excited! It provides more space and options for larger bins.

There is more to this story, because as I mentioned in the beginning the craziness didn’t end here. 🙂

Crazy and organized (or getting there), on the journey, Jackie

  • Valerie Root

    Looks good! It’s invigorating to get things changed and organized.

  • Robin @ Ormond Beach Quilts

    I love how you made this work based off your budget & what you already had that you liked! I think many times we’re tempted to throw it all away & start from scratch, so I love your practicality here!

    • Jackie

      I must admit I would like to start from scratch and go forward, but if I wanted until that was possible, I wouldn’t have the space I do, plus there is a satisfaction gained doing it this way not possible otherwise.

  • Whoknoweth

    Love, love, love it!! My brain works the same way!

    • Jackie

      Thanks. As with most things it’s been a work in progress, and I love getting one step closer to my ideal.

  • ms Lottie

    Looks so good! I love an organised space. Mines not particularly, but I hide it with a sheet that hangs from the top of the table. Not perfect, but good enough for now. Thinking about bookshelves and a sheet of wood though!

    • Jackie

      Don’t be fooled by the good looks, there is plenty of mess in there. I’m just hiding mine differently.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • Jaye

    Good for you. Being organized makes working on a project so much easier.

  • Vivian

    Clicked over here from the post you did for Val’s UFO link up. Isn’t it great when you can get your space organized on a budget! Being able to find/access everything easily is another aid to getting things done. Regarding needing an extra shelf a few options:

    1) Go back to Home Depot with one of the shelves and have them cut a regular piece of wood the same size. It can be painted white to match, covered with decorative contact paper or even better, decopage fabric over it with Mod Podge! You can also find those metal push-in shelf supports at HD (or may have some extra that came with the bookcase) and just drill small holes on the inside of the bookcase for them to hold the new shelf.

    2) Use the wire stand up shelves they sell in Kmart or Walmart that are meant for kitchen cabinets. Hopefully they have one that’s the right width and depth for your shelf and the containers you want to use. If so it will double the space on your existing shelves.

    3) check out garage sales, thrift shops or even the curb for old/discarded bookcases that are similar and the same size that you can take a shelf from to add to yours.

    • Jackie

      Thank you for the ideas. I’m still living with the space to see what I think will work best while looking for options when I’m out an about.

  • Marianne Jeffrey

    Fabulous set up 😍

    • Jackie

      Thank you! I’ve made some more changes to my studio that I’ve recently been posting about that I love even more.

      Sew Excited Quilts