Week in Review, August 9, 2015

Most of the week was spent having a lot of fun camping with these 4 boys. Caiden 7, Christian 5, Camden 11 (how is that possible) and Colson 9. A couple of them asked to sew. Had to say no. It was too nice out to be in the trailer sewing.

Lonberger Boys Camping 2015

So sad to see them go.

Did a little bit of shopping on the way to the campsite, at a shop in a town nearby and two shops on the way home. Love my patient and accommodating husband.

2015-08-09 011

And before and after the boys, I did some piecing.

I had originally planned a coin quilt with all the scraps but realized that I didn’t have enough small pieces to make a quilt entirely made with coins without cutting up more fabric. Since my goal was the use them up, and not make more small pieced. I had white strips already cut from another project. This was another one of those adjust and move on projects ending up with a totally different outcome. And that’s okay.

I didn’t have my design wall and I can tell. I think I may need to do some unsewing as this looks unbalanced. Not sure I like it at all so the entire project may be scrapped.

2015-08-09 016

Had hoped to get this finished when I got home so I can work on a customer quilt. Decided I didn’t like the red. I don’t want a repeat of this over here.

2015-08-09 002

So what would you do with the unbalanced quilt? Leave it? Redo it? Scrap it?

How about the red thread? Leave it? Choose another color? The backing fabric is red.

Enjoying the summer and vacation on the journey, Jackie