July Check In

New this month
• Quilt Rita’s quilt
• Man’s Nursing Home Quilt
• HST Mini leftovers (flying geese leftovers)
• HST larger leftovers (flying geese leftovers)

New This Month July

• Stonehenge charms
• Flying in the Storm
• Selvage edge sewing machine apron
• Tom’s Quilt- hummm maybe next year
• Binding tool kit
• Toddler shape quilt
• Car trash bag- tell me buying one would be easier
• Diamond Quilt
• Baby Flannel Quilt
• Kynzi’s Quilt
• Bryce Creighton Quilt
• Long arm quilt samples

To Plan July

• Wide open possibilities!!!

• Winter Wonderland

• Hugs and Kisses
• Mini postage stamp quilt
• Star Puzzle Quilt

Piece July 2015

Prepare Backing/Batting
• Pineapple quilt

Pineapple top

• Flying Geese
• Stonehenge SueNami
• Super Bowl Mystery Quilt
• Mini Quilts
• Stack and Whack Quilt
• Scrap in a Box
Donation quilt
• Hexagon Doll Quilt-hand quilt

Yes, this is really my stack

To be Quilted July 2015

And this is to be hand quilted

To be Quilted

• Scrap in a Box

Binding Scrap in the box

• Winter Wonderland

• 30’s Baby Quilt –on the long arm
• Word Art Sampler
• Wine placemats
• Delkin taggie

Completed July

Another finish is a customer’s t-shirt quilt, but I can’t post that yet.

Future (not sure I want to consider this yet) 🙂
• Christmas Panel
• Christmas Embroidery quilt for Wendy
• Christmas Embroidery Quilt for Kristen
Hubba Hubba Melissa –
• Princess Quilt Grace
• Japanese Taupe
• Pure Quilt
• Solar System Quilt

You may notice I don’t write what I plan to do. I have plenty of “to do’s” in my head and written in other places that I don’t want another place to have to think about it. So while there are no written goals listed here, trust me, my head is full as I am a very goal oriented person.

So what about you. Do you write your goals? Do they help? or hurt?

Keeping track on the journey, Jackie

  • Kitty

    Oooh I want to see the hexagons when they are hand quilted 🙂 🙂
    Sew many fun projects – congrats!