Wine Placemats and Tutorial

This post includes a basic picture tutorial that you can adjust based on your fabrics and desired placemat size. Mine finished are 12.5 x 18.

After having this fabric for over a year…

Wine Fabric

I finally these made…

Tom's Placemats

It’s a good thing my son is patient.

I really had no idea how I was going to make them so I started by cutting out the panel sections. They measure 7.25 square, I left a 1/4 inch border around the edges.

Wine Panels

From there, I laid out options to make them fit into a 12 x 18 space, settling on this.

Wine Panel Layout

I used the blackboard fabric (7.25 x 3.5) to offset the sections. and fill in the spaces, leaving a space between the pieces for sashing.

Wine placement option

I cut a sashing strip 1.25 inches wide by the width of the panel and sewed to make two long sets.

Wine panel with chalk board added

Next step, I sewed a set of 3 strips 1.25 x 11 (length of set) together to make the center sashing set. (pieces shown are shorter than what would be needed) Sew the sashing set to each panel section.

wine panel with center sashing

Then you add your border strip, which is also 1.25 inches wide. I figured I would increase/decrease the border as needed to keep my size in a reasonable range but in this case it worked out to be the same as the sashing strips.

I didnt’ intend to add in so many colors of sashing and border. I quickly realized one fat quarter of the wine colored fabric wouldn’t be enough for 4 placemats so I added in the green. Sure enough that wasn’t going to be enough either so in comes the beige. I may have placed the colors differently if I had known at the start all the fabrics I’d be using, but by the time I had come to that point where the pieces were already cut and in short supply for making any changes.

Wine placemat

While my exact measurements may not work for your fabrics, this gives you an idea of how I put it together.

Soon to be on my son’s table. On the journey, Jackie

  • Kitty Pearl

    Serendipity puecing:) 3 sashing colors turns out to be a great recipe. Come to think of it, I have a stash of kitchen novelty prints been waiting for a fun quick project idea, thanks!

    • Jackie

      Thanks, it did all come together. This sort of thing happens all too often, you’d think I’d learn to plan better.