Piggy Bank Challenge Results

I’ve participated in Val’s Piggy Bank Challenge this year.

This is what my bank looks like now:

Piggy Bank Challenge

It wasn’t always empty…. In February I checked in with this photo.

Piggy Bank Challenge

I guess you could say I cheated.

About 2 months ago an item I wanted was on sale and I thought if there was enough in the bank, I’d go for it. There wasn’t. I didn’t. Instead, I added the money to my KCRQF stash. The results of those purchases are here.

The amount? I don’t remember. It was over $200.00 but not much over. I remember counting it and being excited. But I didn’t write it down. Anyone who knows me, knows if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember. And it’s not an age thing (for those of you that may go there). It’s a me thing. Always has been. You can ask my kids. Even they know.

I have a head start on next year’s challenge.

Saving (and spending) on the journey, Jackie

  • val

    Oh Jackie you crack me up girl!! Good for you splurging early….and hey…now you have a head start. Glad your continueing to penny pinch with me. It’s good innocent fun! I’d like to invite your readers to join us for the third annual piggy bank savings challenge and to stop by on sunday the 12th to sign up: myplvl.blogspot. com