KCRQF Classes

A post about the friends I met up with is here. My shopping spree is here. And now it’s time for the classes.

My first class was a Quilt as You Go on the Long Arm by Tia Curtis. Tia was fun, friendly and very encouraging. After showing samples and a brief overview, she opened up the time on the long arm. The class list suggested strips and orphan blocks. I noticed on her site that she had quilts made with all kinds of scraps so I emailed her and asked if we were limited to strips. She said no, if I wanted to venture out,  to go for it, so I did.

I have to admit the reasons for the scraps. One, I was too lazy to cut strips. Two, I really wanted to learn how to do something more than just strips and I am a hands on learner. I learned a lot of what not to do and I consider that successful.


There are gaps in my seams (we were working with rulers with no ruler base):


And poor planning:QOTLA1

I also discovered that too random doesn’t work for me.


On Friday I had 3 classes/lectures:

1. Color Confidence with Reeze Hanson. She was a hoot and made the class fun and I enjoyed getting her perspective on color. I have heard the information many times, but I tend to get the terms mixed up so it was good to study it again. We also came away with great resources. Don’t you just love a new box of crayons?

Color wheel

2. A lecture with Donna Lynn Thomas, “What in the World is On-Point Patchwork?” This was not at all what I expected but I was very happy I attended. I learned a lot and I’ve ordered her book and the ruler.







3. The last class/lecture was with Angela Walters on Building your Machine Quilting Business. She was down to earth, and treated you as if she had known you for a long time.  She managed to cover a lot in a short period of time.

Saturday evening I attended Jamie Wallen’s, Mystic Rulers class. I was looking forward to trying his rulers. This class provided time to learn, practice on paper and play on the long arm. I really liked the handles on his rulers.

Quilter's Apothrcary

Using rulers is tricky. You have to hold the ruler in place while pushing the long arm along the edge without moving it. If you hold too tightly on the ruler, your machine won’t move. If you don’t hold it tight enough, the ruler will shift. It certainly looks easier than it is. I can’t wait to give them a try.

What have you learned lately?

Learning and loving it on the journey, Jackie