KCRQF Shopping Spree

I saved up for this. For a long time. I planned on taking advantage of what is not available near by. I also didn’t plan to buy fabric, or thread. But sometimes…. “a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.”

I did buy thread. I really like Superior for long arm quilting and I decided to try some that my local quilt shop doesn’t carry. If I like it, I know I can always ask my local shop to order for me.


As I was checking out I saw this tape displayed. Wondering why a thread vendor would carry what looks like packing tape, I asked. Apparently it sticks to itself and not anything else. It’s not sticky. It’s meant to hold those pesky threads on your spool from unwinding. I’m anxious to give it a try, I have a brand of thread that doesn’t have a very good loose thread string holder (what would you call that) that drives me crazy.


When I saw this pattern and fabric, I knew I needed it. Grace, my granddaughter and budding quilter, loves to dance. The sample in the booth had the silhouette dancers in black and that is what I plan to do. Using the purple, her favorite color. I think the blue fabric just jumped into my cart. How does that happen?


I’ve heard great things about these scissors by Karen Kay Buckley and thought I’d regret not getting them especially after buying the above pattern.


I’ve debated on getting some 1 inch fusible grid for the Creighton quilt and since it will not be a bed quilt, but wall hanging (making a t-shirt quilt for Bryce instead) I’m not worried about it being too thick with the extra layer.


I don’t know how many times I walked past a booth with a jacket on display (should have taken a picture) and said to myself, “I don’t do garment sewing anymore, I don’t do garment sewing anymore.” And if someone was with me, I said it out loud. Many times. Even as I was buying this. Sigh.


And on the last day, I made one more trip back to get these items. I purposely took a class from Jamie Wallen to try out his rulers. I can’t wait to play. And then there is more fabric. I have a commissioned t-shirt quilt that I am making for a man and this was the perfect backing.


Finally a purchase just for me. I am not a big jewelry fan, especially if it is quilt related (I rather snuggle under them), but I am a HUGE fan of nice pens. You would think I would have a lot of them. I don’t. I have a hard time justifying the expense. This time, however, I decided I would get one. I love love love this pen. Wished I had bought 2.  It is from the Gray Rooster’s Woodshop. No website. 🙁


Projects and play ahead, on the journey, Jackie

  • Carol McDowell

    I’m glad to see you doing something for yourself! You deserve every penny spent. I’m going to a quilt show tomorrow and those scissors are on my hunt list.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Carol. Have a great time at your show.